Second in Command – Unleashing the Power of a COO

Join us for an invaluable session with Cameron Herold as we delve into the transformative impact and role of the COO in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

Why This Event Should Matter to a Front Row Dad:

  1. Enhanced Leadership Skills: Understand the dynamics of effective leadership and how to apply these both in business and in family life.
  2. Better Time Management: Grasp how a proficient COO can free up valuable time, giving you more cherished moments with your family.
  3. Avoid Costly Mistakes: Harness Cameron’s deep insights to navigate around common business pitfalls, ensuring time, money, and energy are used efficiently.
  4. Empowered Decision-Making: Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to make informed, strategic decisions, especially concerning hiring and collaboration.
  5. Improved Work-Life Balance: Learn strategies to strike a balance between professional responsibilities and personal family time.
  6. Richer Professional Relationships: Delve into the secrets of cultivating and maintaining strong, meaningful relationships with top-tier professionals.

On this BONUS CALL, participants will learn:

Recruitment Mastery: Learn the art of effectively recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding a top-tier COO or second in command.

Building a Synergistic Partnership: Discover the keys to cultivating an exemplary relationship with your COO. Master the techniques to set an efficient meeting rhythm and build a robust communication system.

Leveraging Leadership: Understand how to optimize the role of a second in command, harnessing their potential to double your revenue, profit, and free time.

Navigating Pitfalls: Equip yourself with the knowledge to sidestep common errors and avoid the repercussions of hiring the wrong COO or senior leader.

About Cameron Herold:

Cameron Herold is not just a name, but a legacy in the world of business leadership. Here’s a snapshot of his distinguished career:

  • Global Footprint: Cameron brings to the table a wealth of global experience with COOs, offering insights from various industries and cultures.
  • COO Alliance Pioneer: As the founder and driving force behind the COO Alliance for over six years, Cameron has established a premier network for second-in-command leaders.
  • Voice of the COOs: Through his “Second In Command” podcast, Cameron has conversed with over 285 COOs, gaining a deep understanding of their challenges, successes, and strategies.
  • Best-Selling Author: His expertise is further solidified by his #1 Amazon best-selling book, “The Second In Command,” which is a testament to his profound knowledge in the realm of business leadership.

Join us and benefit from Cameron’s unparalleled experience and insights. Secure your spot today and set your organization on a path of exponential growth.

Emotional Intelligence Goal Setting Call


Top reasons why a Front Row Dad member should attend the “Emotional Intelligence Pillar” goal-setting call:

  1. Deepened Self-awareness: The call encourages introspection, allowing members to understand their emotional triggers, strengths, and areas of growth, which is pivotal for personal development and effective interpersonal interactions.
  2. Strengthening Relationships: By enhancing emotional intelligence, dads can forge deeper connections with their families. Attending the call will provide strategies and insights on how to listen, empathize, and respond better to the emotional needs of their loved ones.
  3. Effective Conflict Resolution: EI plays a critical role in managing and resolving conflicts. The call will offer techniques on how to navigate disagreements with empathy, understanding, and clarity, ensuring a harmonious family environment.
  4. Improved Decision-Making: A heightened sense of self-awareness and understanding of emotions can lead to better decision-making in personal life and business.
  5. Personal Growth & Support: The call serves as a platform for shared learning and mutual support. Members can discuss their EI challenges, learn from others’ experiences, and gain guidance on further developing their emotional skills for personal and family well-being.

Attending the “Emotional Intelligence Pillar” goal-setting call is a commitment to one’s own emotional growth and to nurturing relationships in the most profound and connected way possible.

To prepare for this call:

Important Agreement for Participation

#1. End-to-End Attendance: please be prepared to be present from beginning to end.

#2. Be Stationary: please be prepared to participate from a stationary spot. Participation in a moving vehicle, while on a walk, etc., will not work.

#3. Sensory Engagement: Please have both your video and audio on through your computer/laptop/cellphone.

#4. Fully Present: Please eliminate notifications, distractions, or anything that will take your attention from the experience.


2:00-2:10pm CST

  • Introduction

2:10-2:40pm CST

  • Worksheet Break-Outs

2:40-3:00pm CST

  • Crowdsourcing takeaways/Close


This is your monthly time to connect/ reconnect with other members of the group, get aligned with opportunities to level up in the pillar of the month, and crowdsource wisdom from the most epic dads community on earth.

Business Evolution Q&A w. Nathan Hirsch

“Scaling Success: Mastering Outsourcing & Bookkeeping with Nathan Hirsch”


About this Call:

We’re delighted to host Nathan Hirsch, a prolific entrepreneur who specializes in the often-overlooked but foundational aspects of business: bookkeeping and hiring. Nathan’s entrepreneurial journey began with a mere $5,000 investment and culminated in the successful scaling and eventual sale of Now, he’s at the helm of EcomBalance/AccountsBalance and Outsource School, offering insights into effective bookkeeping for digital enterprises and mastering the art of online hiring. In this call, you’ll discover the nuances of his entrepreneurial journey, the behind-the-scenes of FreeUp’s rise and sale, the essence of outsourcing right, and the significance of proper bookkeeping.

Why a Front Row Dad Should Attend:

  • Broadened Business Acumen: Nathan’s expertise doesn’t just center on one niche, but spans various aspects of running a business – from the genesis of an idea, scaling it, understanding financials, to the intricacies of selling a successful venture.

Insights You Can Gain:

  1. Entrepreneurial Evolution: Understand the highs and lows of an entrepreneur’s journey. Learn from Nathan’s vast experiences, both the triumphant moments and the pitfalls.
  2. Outsourcing Masterclass: Nathan’s wisdom on interviewing, onboarding, and managing a team of remote VAs can prove invaluable in today’s digital age.
  3. Financial Fluency: With his expertise from EcomBalance/AccountsBalance, Nathan will shed light on critical financials every business owner should know and how to avoid common bookkeeping mistakes.
  4. Strategic Selling: Dive deep into Nathan’s experience with selling FreeUp, extracting lessons on when and how to sell a business, ensuring you’re equipped if and when that time comes for you.

Access to Nathan Means:

  • Learning from Experience: Benefit from Nathan’s first-hand experiences in navigating the entrepreneurial waters and leverage his insights to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Networking Opportunity: Connecting with a seasoned entrepreneur can open doors to other industry professionals, potential collaborations, or even mentorship.
  • Personalized Insights: The chance to ask Nathan specific questions about your business challenges, thereby gaining tailored advice.

Join us for an insightful session that promises to be both enlightening and actionable, equipping you with knowledge to evolve and elevate your business pursuits.

ABOUT Nathan Hirsch

Nathan Hirsch is a lifelong entrepreneur and focuses on the unsexy or boring parts of entrepreneurship (bookkeeping and hiring). 

He is currently the owner of EcomBalance/AccountsBalance and Outsource School. Nathan is best known for co-founding in 2015 with an initial $5,000 investment, scaling it to $12 million in yearly revenue, and having it acquired in 2019.

Today, he leads EcomBalance/ AccountsBalance, an online monthly bookkeeping service for eCommerce and digital businesses, and Outsource School, a membership teaching business owners how to hire effectively online. Nathan has appeared on 700+ podcasts and you can follow him on linkedin.



2:00-2:10pm CST

  • Introduction

2:10-2:40pm CST

  • Guest Presentation & Q&A Time

2:40-2:50pm CST

  • Crowdsourcing takeaways


This is your monthly time to connect/ reconnect with other members of the group, get aligned with opportunities to level up in the pillar of the month, and crowdsource wisdom from the most epic dads community on earth.

Biz Evolution Coaching Calls

Biz Evolution Biweekly Coaching Sessions

Several FRDs have stepped up to lead a biweekly call that focuses on helping other dads achieve location, time, and financial freedom. These sessions will be every other Friday.

Props to Kasim Aslam for activating this effort and for keeping the momentum going by enlisting support from other leaders such as Mitch Nachtigall, Eric Farewell, Brent Perkins and many more!


Accountability Sheet

This is the main document for this event, with it you may:

  • Add calls to your calendar (Google | iCal )
  • Organize resources
  • Park all “Issues”
  • Log wins & action items

Medical Mondays

These FRDs are Giving Back…

FRDs & Health Experts Mike Green, Mike Gorman and Nate Palmer want to give back to the FRD community through “Medical Mondays”.

These guys would like to invite real medical questions from guys dealing with real medical problems for themselves and their families and not just answering interesting questions that anyone could look up. There will be a spreadsheet used to prioritize and upvote questions.


For a little back story…

We are at an interesting time in the information/internet age. Information is so ubiquitous that it is overwhelming. Medicine is no different. For that reason, now more than ever there is a lack of trust in medicine. And the pandemic has drained whatever trust was left.

Obviously these gents don’t have all the answers but they want to be a trustworthy source of medical information for the Front Row Dads group. They’d like to be a sounding board and one of our “relationships” that can point to “resources” as they see them. In an effort to provide different points of view and coverage, they are making what Mike Green calls “Medical Monday”.

These sessions will not be recorded for privacy and liability purposes. Upcoming dates include:

  • July 17th | 1PM CT 
  • August 14th | 1PM CT 
  • September 11th | 1PM CT 
  • October 17th | 1PM CT

Weekly Riff Calls VIP Hosted

Get Engaged with Weekly Riff Calls

Starting in April through the end of the year, several VIP Front Row Dads have stepped up to hold space on a weekly basis for all members to get casual support and share wins. #Props to these members for taking lead:

  • Scott Groves | 3:30 PM ET (First Friday)
  • Matt Hope | 1:30 PM ET (Third Wednesday)
  • Les McDaniel | 9:30 AM ET (Fourth Tuesday)

Click here to add individual calls to your calendar

Band Training


The Band Training Call is for those members who are eligible and ready to commit to joining a band. Attending a Band Training Call LIVE is a required element of being placed into your future band as it will prepare you to make the most of your band experience. This Training is designed and led by Band Guides Eric Farewell & Brent Perkins

Requirements for attending:

  1. Must have reviewed this Band Program Overview
  2. Must have completed the Band Application Form.
  3. Must commit to end-to-end participation on the call


In this Band Training you will:
  • Understand the 4 Cornerstones of a Successful Band
  • Complete a Meditation Practice together
  • Experience a practice band discussion in break-out Rooms


After Attending this Training:

  • You will be contacted by the Community Manager to firm up placement within 72 hrs
  • Upon placement confirmation you will coordinate your first official Band Meeting (this session will be guided)

For additional inquiries please contact

Emotional Intelligence Summit w. Gino Wickman



“Maximizing Momentum: Harnessing Energy & Enterprise with Gino Wickman”



An entrepreneur since the age of 21, Gino has had an obsession
for learning what makes businesses and entrepreneurs thrive.
At 25 he took over the family business, which was deeply in debt
and in need of help. After turning the company around and
running it for seven years, he and his partners successfully sold
the company.

Gino then set out to help entrepreneurs and leaders get what they want from their businesses. Based on his years of real-world
experience, he created the Entrepreneurial Operating System
(EOS), a practical method for helping companies achieve

He has personally delivered more than 2,000 full-day sessions for
more than 135 companies, helping them implement EOS. He is
also the author of the award-winning, best-selling book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, which has sold over 1 million copies, as well as five other books in the Traction Library that have sold almost 2 million copies.
Gino is the founder of EOS Worldwide, an organization that helps tens of thousands of businesses implement EOS with the aid of an international team of almost 600 professional and certified EOS Implementers and online support. There are over 170,000 companies using the EOS tools worldwide.


As a mini-book inside his newest book, The EOS Life, Gino shares his 10 Disciplines for Managing and Maximizing Your EnergyTM. Gino has been practicing these disciplines for almost 20 years with great success and is excited to share them with you.

Download a free copy of the 10 Disciplines eBook
– The EOS Life is available to Order on Amazon
– Visit to learn more
– Read a 10 Disciplines article written by Gino

About this Summit Session:

In this illuminating session, we host Gino Wickman, a luminary in the world of entrepreneurship and business leadership. Gino will delve deep into a subject close to his heart and refined over decades: “The 10 Disciplines for Managing and Maximizing Your Energy.” Inspired by his real-world experiences and embraced by countless leaders, these disciplines are more than just strategies. They are a way of life tailored to help driven and ambitious individuals truly harness, manage, and maximize their intrinsic energy. If you’ve ever felt like a racehorse, eager and ready to sprint but unsure of how to maintain that pace without burning out, this session is tailored for you.

Why Attend This Session:

  • Personal Evolution: While Gino’s expertise often leans into the entrepreneurial realm, these disciplines are about holistic self-improvement, which translates to every facet of life, from business to personal relationships.

Insights You Can Gain:

  1. 10-Year Thinking: Understand the transformative power of long-term thinking in bringing clarity and accelerating achievement.
  2. Harnessing Rest: Discover the pivotal role of regular breaks in rejuvenation and how they’re integral to sustained energy.
  3. Inner Exploration: Dive into the importance of self-awareness and the transformative effect of solitude.
  4. Optimizing Productivity: Learn how to discern tasks worth your time and those better delegated.
  5. The Power of Refusal: Embrace the art of saying “no” to ensure your energy is dedicated to meaningful endeavors.
  6. Planning for Success: Realize the profound impact of nightly preparation on the subsequent day’s productivity and mental clarity.
  7. Organizational Excellence: Immerse in the advantages of consolidating your commitments and ensuring you deliver on promises.
  8. The Essence of Humility: Unpack how humility not only refines character but also strengthens leadership and relationships.

Access to Gino Means:

  • Tried-and-True Wisdom: Benefit from disciplines that have not only been preached but practiced by Gino for almost two decades.
  • Personal Enhancement: These disciplines are a holistic guide, enhancing not just your professional journey but your personal life too.
  • Community Endorsement: Understand the transformative power of these disciplines, backed by the glowing endorsement of leaders who’ve integrated them into their lives.

Join us in this summit session with Gino Wickman to unearth the keys to managing and maximizing your energy, allowing you to live the best version of your life.

Facilitated by

Jon Vroman Founder, Front Row Dads


Jon Vroman founded Front Row Dads because he wanted to win at home and not just at work. Over the last 6 years, Front Row Dads has become a diverse group of 300 dads from 15 different countries who share a common bond of choosing to put family first as they grow their businesses. The mission of Front Row Dads is to help men deepen their connection with their children and build a family legacy that they’re proud of.



Weekly Book Club

These FRDs are Giving Back…

FRD members Chris Emick and Mitch Nachtigall have started a book club with weekly meetings as another way to connect with other dads.

Join the FRD Book Club each week for an in-depth, vulnerable, open discussion about the current book we’re reading, along with anything else that comes up.  Don’t sweat it if you haven’t read the latest section or even cracked open the book yet!  You’ll still get a lot out of the discussion and your presence is valuable to everybody.


Want to Join?
  1. Join the Book Club Thread to see what’s being covered
  2. Put the recurring Tuesday 11AM CT calls on your calendar below!

Add to Calendar


Weekly Monday Meditation 12ET

As a member of this community you have the opportunity to join us any Monday at 12pm Eastern for a 10 minute meditation via Zoom.

This is a recurring event Led by Eli Shine, and it’s a chance for Front Row Dads around the world to take a few minutes to BE together, Breathe together and center ourselves to be the Best Dads we can be!


2023 FRD Fall Retreat (Oct)

We’re excited to be hosting our 15th FRD Retreat in October in San Antonio, Texas at the Canopy by Hilton!

This is a VIP event for members at the VIP level, our next in person for all levels will be December 2023 at Front Row Dads LIVE, click HERE to register for that event.

Closest Airport – San Antonio

Tickets become non-refundable and are only transferrable (once) within 30 days of the event start date.