Lost My Shit! Accountability [FRD]

Point is to post whenever you lose your shit. With your kids. With your wife. Playing Monopoly. Driving. Playing sports. Whenever. You’ll have each other here for accountability. Air it out, post some context, share some wins and reflections with others (“I almost lost it, but…”).

Front Row Crypto

A group sharing info about the world of crypto, NFT’s and Web3. Parsing out the quality info vs all the BS out there can take a ton of time. Let’s try to share the valuable info we’ve all learned to save everyone some time and give hopefully actionable advice.

FRD EOS Mastermind

A group chat for Front Row Dads who use EOS / Traction model in their business either partially or entirely and want to mastermind around how they use and implement it.


A channel for our FRDs who homeschool or are interested in trying it out. Share you ideas, wins… and fails!

FRDs with RVs

Dads who are making life happen from the road with family. Join for all the tips, ideas, wins and struggles that come along with traveling with the family.