2024 Summer Summit

Rise to the Challenge


Imagine 4 days in the Colorado mountains with other brothers seeking adventure, clarity and connection.

This adventure will allow you to:

  • Unplug and disconnect from your normal routine
  • Reconnect with your authentic, wild, human self
  • Find peace, clarity and rejuvenation in nature
  • Access primal energy and internal wisdom
  • Engage and connect with other growth oriented FRDs

Registration is now closed for this event.

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*Registration closed May 1st, 2024


Get to Colorado and the rest is covered.


All of your lodging is included in the experience investment.


All of your ground transportation is included in the experience investment.

*Airfare is NOT included


Main meals, snacks and spirits are included in the experience investment.


There will be a variety of nature based activities ready for you to experience.


We'll also provide all the outdoor gear you need to explore.


Connect with nature, yourself, and other FRD's who will help co-create this amazing experience.

Financial Investment

$3k (all-inclusive)

What's included:
  • Lodging for 4 days
  • Transportation throughout the experience
  • Food, drinks and nourishment
  • Activities
  • Major gear and equipment
  • Some fun schwag
  • Another surprise or two...
What's NOT included:
  • Airfare to Colorado
  • Train transportation to and from Union Station (see details below)
  • Clothing and shoes - proper attire will be suggested.
Payment details:
  • Payment for the experience is due up front in one lump sum. Payment will be made online through the FRD Vault (credit card).
  • If something comes up, refunds are available until 45 days of the event. There will be no refunds after May 1st, 2024.
  • If money's tight but you really want to attend, get in touch. We may have scholarship options available.



June 10th - June 14th


Experience Kick-off

Meet in Denver at Union Station for a 3pm (MT) departure to Copper, CO. We'll formally kick things off that evening with dinner.


Unplug & Acclimate

Rise and shine for a full day in the summit county backcountry. We'll have nature to ourselves for some hiking, fishing and off grid lodging.


Summit Challenge

Embark on a challenging 14er mountain summit with your guides and brothers. This climb will test you in every way, plus offer some amazing time in nature.

**Note: this will be a HARD and challenging climb. This is not for everybody. Be prepared to push yourself to a new level. Prep and pre-climb training will be provided.


Rest & Recover

We'll head to Glenwood Springs to let our bodies recover from the summit. Enjoy some sauna time and natural hot springs for our last session of rest and reflection.


Head Home

Schedule your flight home on Friday afternoon. Our vehicles will be leaving early to return you back to Union Station.

Transportation Details

  • Airport (DIA) -> Union Station
    Trains leave from DIA every 15 minutes to Union Station. Tickets are about $10 and the duration is around 35 minutes.
  • Pickup
    Pickup from Denver Union Station will be provided at 3pm MT on 6.10.2024. We ask that everyone makes this time to coordinate departure to Copper together.
  • Arriving early?
    No problem! You are welcome to arrive earlier and meet us in Denver on 6.10.2024 by 3pm MT.
  • Departure
    Plan to depart after noon (12pm MT) on 6.14.2024. We'll reach Union Station by 10am MT, giving you time to catch the train and make a 12pm flight or later.
Union Station (Denver, CO)

*Registration closes May 1st, 2024

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A few of the amazing places you'll explore...


We'll kick things off in the beautiful town of Copper with warm mountain vibes and 360 views.


We'll spend 2 days hiking the backcountry of Vail, including one of the most epic 14ers in Colorado.

Glenwood Springs

We'll conclude our experience with a trip to Glenwood Springs, offering a tranquil environment to recover.


Meet your experience guides.

Ali Jafarian

Ali Jafarian

Ali is a passionate creator and explorer. He's an avid hiker and mountain climber who advocates for a nature inspired life. He blogs, podcasts, and coaches people through his company, SPACE, to help them realize desired self transformation. Ali believes nature and time away from "normal life" is essential to showing up as our authentic selves. He's committed to helping others live more consciously.

Ali has been a Front Row Dad since 2019. He currently lives in Denver, CO with his wife, Gabrielle, and two kids, Everest (8) and Sepia (6).

Jon Vroman

Jon Vroman

Jon is a natural born leader and visionary. He's constantly testing his range and increasing capacity for an intentional human experience. He believes nature is a catalyst for personal growth as fathers and leaders in our homes, businesses, social circles and communities. He's excited to bring more adventures and outdoor experiences to the FRD community.

Jon is the original Front Row Dad and founder. He currently lives in Austin, TX with his wife, Tatiana, and two kids, Tiger (14) and Ocean (8).

Chris Emick

Chris Emick

Chris is a native Coloradoan and seasoned explorer. He's summitted 50+ Colorado 14ers and completed various solo adventures including an 8-week thru hike on the Arizona trail. He co-founded GoBucketYourself with his wife, Deb, after achieving financial freedom via real estate. Their mission is to inspire people to pursue their dreams and prioritize bucket-list adventures today, not "someday."

Chris has been a Front Row Dad since 2019. He currently lives in Rocky Ford, CO with his wife, Deb, and two kids, Claire (18) and Lilah (14).

Plus, 15 other Front Row Dads

This event will be co-created by the other men who commit to an investment in themselves and the group. The magic of FRD experiences comes from the collective wisdom, courage and vulnerability.

VIP & Summit Series

This event is only available to VIP and Summit Series members.

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Is this for You?

  • Have you found yourself at a place where life is pretty good but there's something bigger and deeper within you that's calling?
  • Are you in a season of constant chaos, or "good problems" to have, with a never ending list of priorities?
  • Would you love to come to the mountains of Colorado and connect with other FRDs who are inspired by growth, adventure and humility?
  • Are you courageous enough to create some space away from normal chaos and challenge yourself in new ways?
If any of that speaks to you, we'd love to have you!

Join us for this four-day retreat in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. You and your fellow FRDs will be challenging yourselves in new ways - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This is NOT for you, if:

  • You're looking for a comfortable vacation with free wifi
  • You're seeking a purely intellectual experience
  • You're unwilling to challenge yourself and practice surrender
  • You intend to hide or avoid vulnerability
  • You experience major health issues at altitude (sorry... we are going to 14,000+ feet, so your safety is important)

"A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there."

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Rise to the Challenge

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