2024 Lake Powell

The Call To Greatness


Join us for an extraordinary 5-day voyage at Lake Powell, where luxury meets adventure and personal growth.

This is a call to transcend the ordinary, to challenge yourself, to confront your fears head-on and push past your perceived limits.

This adventure will allow you to:

  • Stop living on autopilot
  • Awaken your inner badass
  • Show up to life BOLD!

6 of 10 spots open*

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*Early bird registration until June 17, 2024

**Price increases after Father's Day


Get to Phoenix and the rest is covered.


All of your lodging is included in the experience investment.


All of your ground (and water) transportation is included in the experience investment.

*Airfare is NOT included


Main meals, snacks and spirits are included in the experience investment.


There will be a variety of planned exercises, deep work and fun on this trip.


We'll also provide all the major gear and equipment you need for the experience.


Connect with nature, yourself, and other FRD's who will help co-create this amazing experience.

Financial Investment

$4,887* (all-inclusive)

*Early bird price until June 17, 2024. Price goes to $5,750 after Father's Day.

What's included:
  • 5 days, 4 nights on a private houseboat in a secluded cove of Lake Powell
  • Transportation from Phoenix to Lake Powell (unless you choose to fly)
  • All your meals prepared by our talented chefs
  • Private and semi-private rooms or the chance to sleep under the most breath-taking sky that you'll ever see
  • Access to water-skiiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, tubing, hiking, exploring, site-seeing, relaxing, and much more
  • Facilitator led morning rituals, breathwork, workshops and other ridiculously fun activities
What's NOT included:
  • Airfare to Phoenix, AZ
  • Airfare to Page, AZ (optional)
  • Clothing and shoes - proper attire will be suggested.
Payment details:
  • Payment for the experience is due up front in one lump sum. Payment will be made via secure method to 3xBOLD.
  • If something comes up, refunds are available until 60 days of the event. There will be no refunds after July 23rd, 2024.
  • If money's tight but you really want to attend, get in touch. We may have scholarship options available.



September 23rd - 27th


Experience Kick-off

Meet at the boat anytime after 5pm, in Antelope Marina. At 9pm we will kick things off over a group dinner.


Dive Deep

Enjoy a relaxing and scenic trip about 50 miles up Lake Powell. Unplug, unwind and get connected with nature. Explore yourself and the mystic beauty of Lake Powell.


Beyond Boundaries

What are you capable of? What limitations have you artifically placed for yourself? Push the boundaries to discover your true capabilities - both mentally and physically.


Bold Choices

Unapologetically show up to life and Let the experience take you places you've only dreamt about. Say yes to what you most want out of this adventure.


Synthesize & Travel

Chill out, journal and let the experience of lake integrate into your life's journey as we traverse back to the marina where it all started.

Transportation Details

  • Phoenix
    Fly into Phoenix International airport by 12pm PST on 9.23.2024.
  • Pickup
    We'll have vehicles ready to depart for Lake Powell by 1pm PST.
  • Arriving early?
    No problem! You are welcome to arrive earlier and meet us in Phoenix on 9.23.2024 by 1pm PST.
  • *OPTIONAL: Page, AZ
    You can catch flights from Phoenix to Page, AZ (where the marina is located) for around $150 round-trip. This is a 75 min flight on a smaller plane instead of the 4-hour drive with us in the vehicles.
  • Departure
    We'll leave the marina around 2pm PST, so plan your FRI evening flights out after 7pm PST on 9.27.2024.

*Registration closes August 1st, 2024

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Lake Powell

One of the most amazing places you'll ever explore...


Enjoy time in one of the nation's most beautiful lakes. Boating, swimming, water sports and more.


We'll trek in and explore some of Lake Powell's amazing landscape and rock formations.


Embrace the serene space and solitude away from everyday noise and distractions.


Meet your experience guides.

Brent Perkins

Brent Perkins

Brent is enthusiastically embracing his role, in this 2nd season of life, as a guide who blends the wisdom of a seasoned CEO with the transformative power of personal growth and spirituality. His journey from leading companies to exploring the depths of human potential allows him to bridge worlds—merging the drive for business success with the desire for significance. With a mission to awaken the slumbering potential inside each of us, revealing the powerful gifts that lie beneath layers of doubt and fear, Brent invites us to take a BOLD leap towards unlocking our greatness.

Brent has been an FRD since 2022, is a VIP member and the Director of Band Development. He lives in Phoneix, AZ and has two daughters, Paisy (16) and Cydnie (20)

Justin Morgan

Justin Morgan

Justin, his wife Stephanie, and kids Austin, Shaley, and Brock, are true adventurers at heart, passionately exploring Southern Utah’s vast landscapes. As a life and real estate coach, Justin excels in the business realm and finds fulfillment in guiding others through personal and professional growth. The family treasures their moments at Lake Powell, embracing diverse outdoor activities that reinforce their bond and commitment to adventure. Justin champions the balance of disconnecting from daily demands to foster personal growth and deeper connections, inspiring others to pursue a life of authenticity and conscious engagement.

Justin has been an FRD since 2022 and credits the community to helping him become the man, father and husband he

Tyler Stone

Tyler Stone

Tyler Stone has been described as having a lively personality, yet he follows the Law of Attraction rather than the Law of Promotion. He is a ferocious defender of his time with family. In his free time Tyler focuses on home life, and a few hobbies which include gardening and golf, with some hunting, fishing, mountain biking and other outdoor activities thrown in on occasion. Tyler's professional endeavors include residential and auto finance, alternative investment real estate debt funds, IT managed services, spirits and defense.

Tyler has been an FRD since the summer of 2023 and he lives in Scottsdale, AZ with his three children and life partner, Nina.

Plus, 10 other Front Row Dads

This event will be co-created by the other men who commit to an investment in themselves and the group. The magic of FRD experiences comes from the collective wisdom, courage and vulnerability.

VIP & Summit Series

This event is only available to VIP and Summit Series members.

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Is this for You?

  • Do you seek to reclaim your personal agency and inner wisdom to confidently create and navigate the life you desire?
  • Are you looking to transform your emotional responses from anger to peace, fostering empathy and building stronger, more meaningful connections?
  • Do you aspire to discover and utilize your unique gifts to bring direction, meaning, and joy to your life and the lives of others?
  • Are you ready to challenge and be challenged by your fellow FRDs - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

If any of that speaks to you, we'd love to have you!

This is NOT for you, if:

  • You're looking to sip cocktails and sunbathe all day
  • You're seeking a purely intellectual experience
  • You're unwilling to challenge your yourself physically or mentally
  • You intend to play in the shallow water and avoid vulnerability
  • You don't know how to swim or can't hike 2-3 miles
  • The sun makes you melt

You cannot keep abandoning yourself for the comfort of others and expect to walk in alignment with your purpose."

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The Call To Greatness

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